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About The Comic

Storydweller’s comic artist Jonathan Vreeland is consumed with finding impossible answers to questions no one is brave enough to ask. What makes trees mad? Is a Mohawk a haircut or a bird who cuts your grass? What if sharks had braces? What happens when you cross a bass with a basset hound? Does Santa carry spare reindeer?


Jonathan Vreeland grew up in Greenville, Kentucky. He later got some extra schoolin’ and a fine arts degree way north in Cincinnati, where he settled down. About that time, somebody invented the internet, turning terribly under-qualified young designers like Vreeland into experts. In the years since, he has worked as a UI/UX designer, developer, illustrator, animator and serial entrepreneur.

Jonathan’s wife and two kids inspire him to enjoy life and laugh more. He loves irony and logical arguments. And while he is totally addicted to coffee and tennis, he refuses to combine the two.

All content, illustrations, stories, characters on this site were created by Jonathan Vreeland.
© Copyright – Storydweller 2021

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